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Disguised as monks and hidden behind a large column the group decides to ambush Larrakh and his guards at the altar. The bitterness felt by the defeat they suffered at Red Larch fuels their rage and the Earth Cult Priest is cut down by the party in a matter of seconds. One of his guard falls just as quick while the other fights valiantly until also perishing. A sense of accomplishment is felt by all now that Red Larch has been made safer.

Searching the room a lever is found and pulled, revealing a staircase leading to the halls below the monastery. Inside the room the group hides a rather angry Umber Hulk looked in a prison cell, guarding a door behind him. After a quick debate the majority of the group decides to kill the Umber Hulk. Ot and Aerie attempt object to the slaughtering of a caged animal, with Ot sensing a little of himself in the mad beast. After trying to communicate with the beast using flowers Aerie joins the rest of the bloodlusted group and attacks Ot for some reason. Yanking him off a column with a thorn whip. The beast bangs on the cage as it suffers blow after blow and eventually bends the steel enough to fit through the bars. It takes out its rage on Alton, pummelling face down into the stonework floor. Alton sees his life flash in front of his eyes. It is a life of robbing old people and stabbing butts. As he reaches for the light at the end of the tunnel he is brought back from the abyss by Redkin and rejoins the fray. The Umber Hulk lashes out at the party, its primary set of eyes blinded by an unknown assailant many moons before. The group manages to bring the beast down and decide to take a quick breather.

Behind the umber hulk’s corpse the door opens to a large chain of mine tunnels, with a set of stairs leading down to another level below. The party decides to scout this level first and wander around for a small amount of time. The tight passageways are dark and intimidating, a musty odour of dead umber hulk seeps through the air. The party find a small dead end to set up camp for the night and recover fully from the previous battle.
During Ot’s watch he hears scuffling and panicked voices. Donning the monk mask he finds two slaves with pickaxes who have fallen into one of Alton’s classic ballbearing pranks. The slaves are scared and tell Ot that Jurth had told them to excavate. Ot scars them off so they don’t find the camp.

Awaking later in the evening, and fully healed, our adventurers enter a crypt guarded by a number of zombies. The battle proves longer than first thought as the zombies continue to rise after being felled. Ot deducts that crushing or removing the head seems to be the best method of ensuring they stay down, and demonstrates this idea with a football kick to a zombie’s skull. While Alton, with his own solid theories, feels that if he stabbed the largest tomb with his rapier, that would stop the menace. His theory is proved to be a dud when The Lich they met earlier appears in front of him and sends him flying across the room. The group discovers after the scuffle that the tomb belongs to the primarch and founder of the Knights of Samular from Summit Hill, the Lich’s former order. Malark loots a ring from a skeleton, and Ot loots a ring from Malark.

Approaching a door and hearing voices, the party dons the cultist outfits once more and attempt to bluff their way past the guards. They are met with a number of Orogs and an Ogre named Drool. When questioned by the head Orog the party demand to hear a report as they have been sent by Jorth… or Jareth… or Jethro…. The head Orog asks if they were sent by Jurth, which the group nod at like idiots, only to find out that the Orog they’re talking to is Jurth. But Orogs aren’t too bright, so they quickly change Jurth to Larrakh and combat is avoided, for a time…

Jurth sends Drool out to fetch his breakfast (the pains of shift work, eating breakfast in the evening), and Alton attempts to follow and assassinate him, but decides going one on one with an ogre is bad news. The party do their best to handle the situation, with Redkin and Alton devising a plan to push Jurth into a well, but that plan backfires in the worst possible way and results in Alton at the bottom of the well.

A melee breaks out. Aerie goes into snake form and Ot slams a hadoken into the chest of Jurth, sending him to the bottom of the well….. On top of Alton. But the rogue feels that drowning in a mine under a monastery isn’t the most heroic death and quickly climbs out, soaked through and determined to stab butts. The Orog’s swing their great axes among the crowded room with a moderate amount of success before being struck down. Ot uses his dust of drying to evaporate all the water in the well, and evaporates some of the water in the well, toying with Jurth as he struggles under the weight of his heavy armour. To ensure he doesn’t come back up the party dumps the dead bodies of his friends on him, and Jurth dies in the worst possible way so far in this campaign to the point where the DM becomes slightly scared of his players.

With Drool’s footsteps heard outside the door Malark dons the disguise of Jurth and everyone else makes sure their monk outfits are still intact, except Aerie, who loudly proclaims that she is a snake. Drool enters teary eyed that his Umber Hulk pet ‘Princess’ has died, Malark sends him off to the crypt to chase down the killers who fled that direction. The party takes a knee and prepares themselves for the long night ahead.

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