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The group awakes in the manticore lair, fresh from their battle and ready to return to the Knights of Feathergale.On the way back they approach a gully that is guarded by three air elementals. Ot attempts to make contact with them but they do not respond. They continue towards the spire and attack some carrion birds picking at bodies. Human bodies. They find shattered bones on rocks and note that the tallest feature nearby is the tower itself.

Savra meets the group at the drawbridge and is upset to hear of her friend’s passing. But the slaying of the manticore prompts her to encourage the group to join up with the knights and help them crush the enemies of Waterdeep. When questioned about her knowledge of the second manticore she gives up information that she has heard Thurl talking “with the wind” at times, and has mentioned the manticore plus the desire to control the elements of the air. The team are hesitant and distrusting of Thurl, as he appears to have his own agenda aside from that of a gallant knight.

The party is escorted to Thurl’s chambers, but followed by a small group of guards. They also notice that the drawbridge is being raised. They fear a trap. Thurl welcomes them with hostility, upset that they did not take his advice and assault the Sacred Stone Monastery that he wanted them to. The group discovers that he has been playing them for fools and using their strengths for his own advantages, but now that they have discovered his ruse he no longer trusts them and has them seized. The party puts up a fight, with some ball bearings causing guards to tumble down the stairs, but they are overpowered and knocked out.

Everyone awakes to find themselves bound, with a sack on their head, and a strong wind to be felt around them. Thurl has dragged the party to the top of the spire, he says he cannot stand disloyalty, and the second manticore was one he used for the ‘disposal’ of knights who had wronged him. He takes the sack off a fifth person to show the party that he found a thief in the stables, attempting to steal griffon hatchlings. It is a Tiefling Druid. Redkin asks Thurl why he feels the need to yammer on when he plans on killing them anyway. Thurl agrees with Redkin’s logic and kicks Ot off the tower.

Ot plummets down the side of the spire and closes his eyes to brace for impact, but impact never comes. He opens his eyes to find he is frozen in place, and standing on the side of the tower, jutting out at a 90 degree angle is a face he recognises. Cryic, in his human form. The Lord of Lies taunts Ot and asks him whether he’s told his fellow adventurers how old he truly is. He mentions “the forest”, and “240 years of madness”. He decides to spare Ot’s life as his antics amuse him, and asks that Ot take care of “troubling business” in the cave beyond the air elementals, although he is concerned Ot isn’t up to the task, and asks he dispose of the “filthy earth monks” first. Perhaps convince them to worship him instead.

Cyric walks away and Ot continues to fall, he is caught by two Aarakocra who gently drop him off on the canyon floor. The rest of the Aarakocra swoop down on the spire, killing mounted knights with arrows, and throwing others off the tower down to the hard rocks below. They lift the party up and take them to safety, but Redkin is left and the fate of Thurl is up to him. Redkin O’Hara, the battered cleric of Ilmater, The Broken God, The God who Endures, decides that mercy is best reserved for those deserving. He casts a holding spell on Thurl and pushes him off the tower. Thurl watches his fate unfold before his paralyzed eyes. “DISLOYALTY” is the only word he can utter as his skull is pressed through his neck and every bone shatters, cutting through sinew and muscle. Death is instantaneous. Redkin feels a part of himself shatter, but another part strengthen. Just another notch on his shield in his quest to rid the world of sin.

With the tower empty of Feathergale Knights Redkin finds Savra cowering in a corner of the main hall, he tells her she is free from the cult and should go back to her family. She take a hippogriff and leaves, thankful. The group mounts hippogriffs after raising the drawbridge to prevent other cultists occupying the tower, and travel to the parent Griffons with the hatchlings in tow. Aerie the Druid delivers the young and the team travel to Red Larch. Alton speaks of going to Waterdeep after settling the score with the baker who sent them to Bargewright Inn.

In Red Larch the group is met with a strange sight. Posters line the walls of buildings up and down the main street, encouraging the town to vote in Constable Harburk as the new mayor. When asked why he is running Harburk confesses that the only reason he wants to be mayor is because the current one used to be the butcher, meaning Red Larch currently has no butcher. When asked about the village elders who were in cahoots with Larrakh, Harburk explains they were taken to Waterdeep by more important investigators.

Alton meets with the baker, asking where Nalaskur has gone to so he could have some words with him. The group has just missed him on his way back to Waterdeep. Alton coerces the baker to hand over some potions he left behind and joins the rest of the party, only to find that the hippogriffs have flown back to Feathergale Spire. They find that the stablemaster has changed positions after Ot is struck down with a batch of poisoned brew.

A small investigation discovers that the stablemaster, suddenly made poor due to a pickpocketing incident, had been blackmailed by Larrakh to poison the town during election night. To make sure he went through with the plan, Larrakh left behind two burly orcs to guard him. Ot burst in on the orcs and fought them out on the street, and the party made quick work of them. They decided to travel onwards to the Sacred Stone Monastery and take care of the Black Earth cult, who are proving to be more daring and deadly in the recent weeks.

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