Bargewright Inn

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Bargewright Inn is a moderately fortified hamlet located near Womford in the Dessarin Valley. It is a popular stopping point for merchants travelling between Red Larch and Secomber. It is also a haven for more unscrupulous types. With many gamblers and mercenaries calling the inn home for months at a time.

The inn was run by two joint owners, Nalaskur Thaelond, and Chalaska Muruin. With both wanting full ownership but neither willing to sell their stake. Nalaskur, using his Zhentarim contacts, recruited the party under the guise of running the inn while he was in Waterdeep.

While the party helped with the day-to-day tasks, Inglor, a dwarf and the inn’s handyman, executed Nalaskur’s plan to frame Chalaska by stealing a number of keys and a large sum of gold from the storage.¬†Chalaska and the party were both convinced that the other was the culprit, and an investigation was launched.

A lot of snooping, and one riot later, Inglor was captured and the party left with the blessings of Chalaska, who intends to use the information from the Dwarf against Nalaskur and gain control of the inn completely.


  • Nalaskur Thaelond: Potion merchant, Zhentarim agent
  • Chalaska Muruin: Innkeeper and Captain of the Guard
  • Inglor Brathren: Handyman,¬†Zhentarim agent

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