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One of the more pleasant-looking villages in the Dessarin Valley thanks to its many trees, Beliard is a market-moot for local cattle drovers. It surrounds the intersection of the Dessarin Road with the Stone Trail. Beliard is home to many cattle ranchers whose herds roam the hills around it, particularly to the east. The town offers a tanner, a smith, some horse dealers, a large bookstore, and an inn: the venerable, popular, and several times-expanded Watchful Knight.

In recent years, bodyguards and mercenaries formerly active in Waterdeep and along the Heartlands trade routes retired to Beliard, and their presence makes nearby brigands reluctant to raid the village directly.

Beliard was the starting location for Ot, who was found in the local jail after causing a brawl in the tavern.


  • ______: Half-Elf sheriff
  • ______: Bookshop owner

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