Tomb of Moving Stones

Discovered after a cave-in in Red Larch, the Tomb was a secret kept by the high nobles of the town, who worshipped the spirits of the tomb called “The Delvers”. Following the orders of the soothsayer Larrakh they were being influenced into endangering the town to be used by the Black Earth cult as they prepared the destruction of the world.

The plan was thwarted by the party who discovered the tomb, and Larrakh was exposed as a fraud and cultist. With a number of nobles arrested and sent to Waterdeep in the aftermath.


A priest of the Black Earth cult, Larrakh was discovered in a tomb that ran beneath Red Larch by the party. He had been influencing the nobles of the town by convincing them he was a soothsayer that could read the movements of the stones. Furious that his plan was thwarted and his hard work destroyed, Larrakh escaped mid-battle with the party and concocted a plan to weaken the town during the election celebrations.

This plot was also discovered by the party, and Larrakh was forced to retreat to the Sacred Stone Monastery and answer to his superiors. Before that could happen, the party, disguised as monks ambushed Larrakh as he meditated, and brought him down before he had a chance to act.

Vallivoe’s Urchins

These urchins work for, and are under the care of Vallivoe. Serving as messengers and staff for his store in Red Larch, they’re more than happy to follow Vallivoe in his travels. Throwing stones at unfortunate patrons like Malark.

They were last seen in Womford, looking for Vallivoe.

Iraun Thelder

Former stablehand, Iraun’s savings were stolen by Alton during the cave-in incident as the former war veteran was the victim of pickpocketing.

Forced to work extra hours, Iraun was out late one night tending to the horses when he was approached by the Black Earth Cult Priest Larrakh. Larrakh slaughtered the horses and told Iraun about his plan to poison the town during the election. He gave Iraun specific orders to beg for a job from Kaylessa, and stationed two burly orcs in his home to keep watch over him.

Iraun helped Larrakh with his plan, and was beaten by Ot after the gnome was poisoned by a batch of the poisoned beer that had been mistakenly tapped early.

He is currently in Red Larch jail, awaiting punishment.

Mangobarl Lorren, Nalaskur Thaelond

Town baker and local Zhentarim agent, Lorren was Alton’s point of contact for a job involving Bargewright Inn. Nalaskur, a potion merchant and aspiring publican, recruited the party into running the inn while he was in Waterdeep for business.

After the events that occurred there, Nalaskur has not been seen since. He left mere hours before the party last arrived to Red Larch.

Lorren still works as a baker and cares not for what happened at Bargewright Inn. But he did agree to handover some potions left in the bakery by Nalaskur as ways of compensation.



Harburk Tuthmarillar

Commonly referred to as “Constable Harburk”, Tuthmarillar is Red Larch‘s chief officer of justice. Operating out of a room above the butcher, Harburk and his assorted band of deputised citizens, maintain peace and order in the small hamlet.

With a lisp and rather flamboyant yet lazy attitude, Harburk is often seen as a bit of a joke to the other townspeople, but after the cave-in incident when he arrested a number of high-level nobles, the town has come round to respect and praise him for his bravery and dedication to justice.

Harburk, with newfound confidence in his abilities, has begun his campaign to be the new mayor of Red Larch. His main goal when elected will be to ensure the current mayor and former butcher, Jalessa, goes back to her previous career. As Harburk ever so misses the smell of bacon wafting into his room.

Kaylessa Irkell

Owner of the Swinging Sword, Kaylessa wants nothing more than peace in Red Larch, and for its citizens to have a good time and be merry.

Kaylessa sent the party out to Lance Rock, where a self-appointed Lord named Oreioth had made a tidy home for himself there.

It was also at the Swinging Sword where the party discovered a plot to poison the town during the next elections for mayor. They found out that the former stablehand and newly made kegmaster of the inn, Iraun Thelder, was coerced by the Black Earth Cult Priest Larrakh, into using the poisoned beer.

Endrith Vallivoe

Proprietor of Vallivoe’s Sundries, Endrith sought was pressured into tricking Malark and leading him and the party into an ambush by bandits. Apologetic he has since tried to make amends for his underhanded plan, saying he only acted out of fear.

He cares for and employs a number of Red Larch’s urchins. Who run through town leading travellers to his shop with the slogan “number one!”, describing the store as the best place to make a purchase.

Vallivoe and his wards gave the party a ride to Bargewright Inn, on their way to Womford, where he was looking to purchase some rare books from a ferry captain who found them on a riverbank.

When the party arrived in Womford they found the children, but no Vallivoe. After a brief fight with the ferry captain they learned that he had been captured and sent upstream to a bandit hideaway named Riverguard Keep.

His urchins were last seen in Womford.

Red Larch


Red larch has been an important stop on the Long Road for two centuries now. Named for a distinctive stand of red larch trees that were cut down when the hamlet was founded, Red Larch became a settlement in the first place thanks to a drinkable spring that fed a sizeable pond ideal for watering horses, oxen, and pack mules.

An east-west trail meets the Long Road at the pond, running west to the logging community of Kheldell and east to Bargewright Inn and eventually Secomber. Another trail leads to quarries in the Sumber Hills and to ruins of stone keeps long ago left to monsters and outlaws.

In recent years, new quarries have been opened on the northwestern edge of town. So far these have yielded up great slabs of marble much prizes in Waterdeep for facing large new building and repairing older edifices. Red Larch is also a centre for stonecutters quarrying slate on the fringes of the Sumber Hills.


  1. Allfaiths Shrine
  2. The Swinging Sword
  3. The Helm at Highsun
  4. Mother Yalantha’s
  5. Thelorn’s Safe Journeys
  6. Chansyrl Fine Harness
  7. Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier
  8. Lorren’s Bakery
  9. Tantur Smithy
  10. Drouth Fine Poultry
  11. Jalessa Orna, Butcher
  12. Dornen Finestone
  13. Ironhead Arms
  14. Mhandyvver’s Poultry
  15. Haeleeya’s
  16. Waelvur’s Wagonworks
  17. Gaelkur’s
  18. Mellikho Stoneworks
  19. Luruth’s Tannery
  20. Bethendur’s Storage
  21. The Market
  22. Vallivoe’s Sundries