The Mirabar Delegation


The party learned of the missing delegation after piecing together a number of clues from their dealings in Red Larch and the Womford ferry thugs. In their first encounter when he escaped, Larrakh left behind a number of iron bars distinctly from Mirabar and used for trading, and the books found by the ferrymaster at Womford were those carried by one of the missing dwarves.

The party learned that the delegation passed through Beliard carrying the body of a dead paladin, and delivered the body to the knights at Summit Hall. After which they were ambushed by cultists from the Black Earth and ferried across the Dessarin River by pirates who accepted the books as payment.

Some Feathergale Knights, servants of the Howling Hate, ambushed the earth cult and escaped with Deseyna Norvael. While Bruldenthar, Rhundorth, and Teresiel where taken into the monastery and put to work in the mines. Rhundorth, and Teresiel have since been taken further down into the dwarven ruins.


Inglor Brathren

Inglor Brathren is an agent of Zhentarim, and helped Nalaskur with his plan to frame Chalaska and take over control of Bargewright Inn.

Under the guise of handyman, Inglor stole a small fortune in gold pieces and incited a riot, but was defeated by the party and taken prisoner.

Current Status: Prisoner of Chalaska in Bargewright Inn


The abbess of Sacred Stone Monastery, Hellenrae was in charge of training new initiates into the Cult of the Black Earth. Spending most of her time in the dojo beating the young monks silly to toughen them up and send them below to Marlos.

She was killed in a melee with the party.


Renwick is a powerful lich who resides within Sacred Stone Monastery, but has locked himself away from the rest of the cult as he wants nothing to do with them.

A former Paladin of Summit Hall, he protects the remains of the order’s founder, who is entombed in the levels below.

Both Ot and Alton have felt the wrath of Renwick, and are lucky that this Lich is the rare type who believes in peace.

Redkin has been blessed with an amulet of health, that Renwick has asked he return to Summit Hall.

Thurl Merosska

Thurl Merosska was a high-ranking member of the Cult of the Howling Hatred and leader of Feathergale Knights.

Thurl’s main motivation and goal was power. He thought that, thanks to the elemental power of air, he could rule Waterdeep. Thurl pledged loyalty to Aerisi Kalinoth but only reluctantly, believing that one day he would use her and her minions to conquer Waterdeep.

Thurl did not tolerate insubordination among his troops, and did not hesitate to sacrifice disloyal soldiers to his manticore that roamed the Sighing Valley.

Thurl met his demise when he was pushed from the top of the spire by Redkin.

Oreioth, Lord of Lance Rock

Oreioth had always been cruel, but after his self-exile to Red Larch with only the company of his undead servitors, he became a true megalomaniac. He barely recognized his own name and dreamed of founding a kingdom of undead minions with himself on the throne. He considered himself the “Lord of Lance Rock” and hoped to protect his “kingdom” from invaders. This was due to his noble heritage.

When adventurers defeated him, he was so insane that he acted out grotesque comedies in his necromancer cave. He had animated three undead for entertainment. One was was dressed as a bear, another as a lady in a frilly dress and thick makeup, the last as a jester with jingling bells.

Zi received an invite from Oreioth to play at his “keep”, but it was a ruse by the lord in order to supply him with more bodies for his experiments. He appeared to be driven mad by “the eye”, and kept laughing manically about it.

Current status: deceased

Savra Belabranta

A low-ranking member of the Feathergale Knights, Savra was stationed in the spire as drawbridge guard.

Her parents tasked Redkin with finding and rescuing her, a task that was achieved after the party tracked down and killed the second Manticore in the Sighing Valley.

Savra was totally brainwashed by the cult and fully believed everything. However, she believed that they should use elemental fury only against Waterdeep’s enemies. Once the knights were defeated by the native Aarakocra Savra agreed to go back to her family.

Current status: Last seen leaving Feathergale Spire


A priest of the Black Earth cult, Larrakh was discovered in a tomb that ran beneath Red Larch by the party. He had been influencing the nobles of the town by convincing them he was a soothsayer that could read the movements of the stones. Furious that his plan was thwarted and his hard work destroyed, Larrakh escaped mid-battle with the party and concocted a plan to weaken the town during the election celebrations.

This plot was also discovered by the party, and Larrakh was forced to retreat to the Sacred Stone Monastery and answer to his superiors. Before that could happen, the party, disguised as monks ambushed Larrakh as he meditated, and brought him down before he had a chance to act.

Chalaska Muruin

The gruff captain of the guard for Bargewright Inn, Chalaska worked with the party to uncover a plot to frame her for thievery by the Zhentarim. She has since claimed complete control of the Inn and its residents.

Vallivoe’s Urchins

These urchins work for, and are under the care of Vallivoe. Serving as messengers and staff for his store in Red Larch, they’re more than happy to follow Vallivoe in his travels. Throwing stones at unfortunate patrons like Malark.

They were last seen in Womford, looking for Vallivoe.