Endrith Vallivoe

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Proprietor of Vallivoe’s Sundries, Endrith sought was pressured into tricking Malark and leading him and the party into an ambush by bandits. Apologetic he has since tried to make amends for his underhanded plan, saying he only acted out of fear.

He cares for and employs a number of Red Larch’s urchins. Who run through town leading travellers to his shop with the slogan “number one!”, describing the store as the best place to make a purchase.

Vallivoe and his wards gave the party a ride to Bargewright Inn, on their way to Womford, where he was looking to purchase some rare books from a ferry captain who found them on a riverbank.

When the party arrived in Womford they found the children, but no Vallivoe. After a brief fight with the ferry captain they learned that he had been captured and sent upstream to a bandit hideaway named Riverguard Keep.

His urchins were last seen in Womford.

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