Feathergale Spire

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Situated in the Sighing Valley, Feathergale Spire served as the base of operations for the Feathergale Knights, a group of Waterdhavian aerial-mount enthusiasts.

The first meeting of the knights and the party was a tense moment. As the party were dressed as fire cultists the leader of the knights, Thurl Merosska invited them in then ambushed them with crossbowmen. When it was explained that the party had killed the cultists Thurl laughed the ambush off and instead had a feast for all. He explained that a Manticore was killing his men and they had prepared a hunt for it in the morning.

The hunt was fast, and the manticore was slain by Ot, who leaped on its back off a hippogriff. The fall almost killed the gnome, but he managed to survive, as if by some miracle.

During celebrations of the slain manticore, a low-ranked knight named Savra took Redkin aside and told him that a second manticore was also in the valley, and that it had taken a friend of hers. She begged that the party find and slay the beast. Thurl laughed off such a notion and encouraged the party to instead seek out the Sacred Stone Monastery to the east, where evil Earth cult troops had been spotted.

The party slayed the Manticore and discovered a number of Knight remains. They returned to the spire only to find Thurl angry that the second Manticore had been killed. It turns out that the manticore was Thurl’s pet and he used it to dispatch of disloyal soldiers. The party was rescued by a number of Aarakocra and Thurl was pushed off the spire by Redkin.

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