Harburk Tuthmarillar

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Commonly referred to as “Constable Harburk”, Tuthmarillar is Red Larch‘s chief officer of justice. Operating out of a room above the butcher, Harburk and his assorted band of deputised citizens, maintain peace and order in the small hamlet.

With a lisp and rather flamboyant yet lazy attitude, Harburk is often seen as a bit of a joke to the other townspeople, but after the cave-in incident when he arrested a number of high-level nobles, the town has come round to respect and praise him for his bravery and dedication to justice.

Harburk, with newfound confidence in his abilities, has begun his campaign to be the new mayor of Red Larch. His main goal when elected will be to ensure the current mayor and former butcher, Jalessa, goes back to her previous career. As Harburk ever so misses the smell of bacon wafting into his room.

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