Iraun Thelder

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Former stablehand, Iraun’s savings were stolen by Alton during the cave-in incident as the former war veteran was the victim of pickpocketing.

Forced to work extra hours, Iraun was out late one night tending to the horses when he was approached by the Black Earth Cult Priest Larrakh. Larrakh slaughtered the horses and told Iraun about his plan to poison the town during the election. He gave Iraun specific orders to beg for a job from Kaylessa, and stationed two burly orcs in his home to keep watch over him.

Iraun helped Larrakh with his plan, and was beaten by Ot after the gnome was poisoned by a batch of the poisoned beer that had been mistakenly tapped early.

He is currently in Red Larch jail, awaiting punishment.

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