Red Larch

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Red larch has been an important stop on the Long Road for two centuries now. Named for a distinctive stand of red larch trees that were cut down when the hamlet was founded, Red Larch became a settlement in the first place thanks to a drinkable spring that fed a sizeable pond ideal for watering horses, oxen, and pack mules.

An east-west trail meets the Long Road at the pond, running west to the logging community of Kheldell and east to Bargewright Inn and eventually Secomber. Another trail leads to quarries in the Sumber Hills and to ruins of stone keeps long ago left to monsters and outlaws.

In recent years, new quarries have been opened on the northwestern edge of town. So far these have yielded up great slabs of marble much prizes in Waterdeep for facing large new building and repairing older edifices. Red Larch is also a centre for stonecutters quarrying slate on the fringes of the Sumber Hills.


  1. Allfaiths Shrine
  2. The Swinging Sword
  3. The Helm at Highsun
  4. Mother Yalantha’s
  5. Thelorn’s Safe Journeys
  6. Chansyrl Fine Harness
  7. Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier
  8. Lorren’s Bakery
  9. Tantur Smithy
  10. Drouth Fine Poultry
  11. Jalessa Orna, Butcher
  12. Dornen Finestone
  13. Ironhead Arms
  14. Mhandyvver’s Poultry
  15. Haeleeya’s
  16. Waelvur’s Wagonworks
  17. Gaelkur’s
  18. Mellikho Stoneworks
  19. Luruth’s Tannery
  20. Bethendur’s Storage
  21. The Market
  22. Vallivoe’s Sundries



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