Redkin O’Hara

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Race: Human

Class: Cleric

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

For much of his life, Redkin was a humble shipwright, toiling away his days in the far off town of Westgate. When his two adult sons were killed fighting a war in a distant land, Redkin’s world was torn asunder. He wandered the world for many months, finding solace in the teachings of the god Illmater. Redkin took up the cloth and dedicated himself to protecting and healing those who would have his aid.

Privately, Redkin fears he will never fill the void left by the loss of his boys, but he continues his journey confident that Illmater will eventually heal his own broken soul.

He is a dour, serious man with a grim disposition.

Redkin traveled to Red Larch after receiving a letter from a concerned parent, telling him that their daughter had been brainwashed by a cult.


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