The Mirabar Delegation

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The party learned of the missing delegation after piecing together a number of clues from their dealings in Red Larch and the Womford ferry thugs. In their first encounter when he escaped, Larrakh left behind a number of iron bars distinctly from Mirabar and used for trading, and the books found by the ferrymaster at Womford were those carried by one of the missing dwarves.

The party learned that the delegation passed through Beliard carrying the body of a dead paladin, and delivered the body to the knights at Summit Hall. After which they were ambushed by cultists from the Black Earth and ferried across the Dessarin River by pirates who accepted the books as payment.

Some Feathergale Knights, servants of the Howling Hate, ambushed the earth cult and escaped with Deseyna Norvael. While Bruldenthar, Rhundorth, and Teresiel where taken into the monastery and put to work in the mines. Rhundorth, and Teresiel have since been taken further down into the dwarven ruins.


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