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This tiny village has a dock on the Dessarin River for shipping the grain from its grist mill. It is also the local supply and market for the surrounding farms from which the grain comes. Aside from the mill, the village consists of a handful of grannaries anda larger handful of cottages, several of which house tiny local shops. According to old tales, the village was known as Ironford until a dragon was slain nearby. Passers-by began to call the settlement “Wyrm Ford”, a name subsequently corrupted, thanks to the thick local accent, into “Womford”.

Womford is a center of thinly disguised cult activity thanks to its location on the Dessarin. River pirates and smugglers allied to the water cult frequently put in at the town’s dock.

The party visited Womford after Bargewright Inn, in order to meet up with Vallivoe who was looking to purchase some rare books from a ferrymaster. It was discovered that Villivoe was captured and sent upriver to Riverguard Keep, a known hideout for Water Cultists.


  • Shoalar Quanderil: Genasi Ferrymaster (deceased)
  • Pike: Ferry 1st mate (deceased)
  • Vallivoe’s Urchins

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